Account Executive AI/Machine learning - Europe

Selling a very cool product/service in a very relevant AI/Machine learning domain within the European Automotive industry for a scale up with a fantastic mission!
Gepubliceerd: 2 dag(en) geleden
Referentie nr:#INSN00506
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Enterprise Account Executive - Benelux

Selling the worlds first no-code test automation and robotic process automation (RPA) platform in the Benelux.
Gepubliceerd: 28-08-2019
Referentie nr:#INSN00505
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Account Manager Enterprise Data Management software solutions - Netherlands

Selling Data Management solutions to existing and new accounts in the Netherlands.
Gepubliceerd: 26-06-2019
Referentie nr:#INSN00504
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Account Manager Software Development services - the Netherlands

Het verkopen van Software Development projecten en Scrum-agile training en coaching.
Gepubliceerd: 16-05-2019
Referentie nr:#INSN00503
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Sales Director - N-Europe

Selling a AIOps Platform to enterprise accounts in the Benelux, UK and Nordics.
Gepubliceerd: 19-04-2019
Referentie nr:#INSN00502
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Commercieel Manager Software Development - Nederland

Eindverantwoordelijk voor Sales & Marketing bij full stack high end software development organisatie.
Gepubliceerd: 02-04-2019
Referentie nr:#INSN00501
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Commercial Manager Agile Transformation - the Netherlands

Responsible for sales & marketing, strategy and P&L at Agile Transformation authority.
Gepubliceerd: 15-03-2019
Referentie nr:#INSN00499
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