Sales Manager Software Development - the Netherlands

Selling high end Software development propositions to top 200 & market leaders.
Gepubliceerd: 13-11-2020
Referentie nr:#INSN00531
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Enterprise Account Manager Security - the Netherlands

Generating and closing new business opportunities in FSI corporate accounts.
Gepubliceerd: 28-10-2020
Referentie nr:#INSN00529
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Account Manager Enterprise Data Management software solutions - the Netherlands

Selling Data Management solutions to existing and new accounts in the Netherlands.
Gepubliceerd: 22-10-2020
Referentie nr:#INSN00528
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Account Executive Cloud Transformation & Technology

Selling Cloud Transformation & Technology services to top 200 enterprises at the Cloud authority in the Netherlands.
Gepubliceerd: 29-09-2020
Referentie nr:#INSN00526
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Account Manager nearshore IT services - The Netherlands

Selling nearshore IT services
Gepubliceerd: 10-08-2020
Referentie nr:#INSN00525
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