Sales Director Manufacturing/Logistics/Retail/CPG - Netherlands

Generate new customer partnerships and prospects within targeted market sectors: Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail & Consumer Goods Industry.
Gepubliceerd: 26-09-2018
Referentie nr:#INSN00492
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Account Executive e-Commerce - Netherlands

Selling the e-Commerce portfolio to a limited amount of corporate accounts.
Gepubliceerd: 19-09-2018
Referentie nr:#INSN00491
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Strategic Account Manager FSI - Benelux

Selling innovative software solutions to FSI named accounts that enable them to transform into digital enterprises.
Gepubliceerd: 19-09-2018
Referentie nr:#INSN00490
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Customer Success Manager Customer Identity and Access Management services - Benelux

Selling Customer Identity and Access Management Consulting services to strategic existing enterprise accounts in the Benelux.
Gepubliceerd: 05-06-2018
Referentie nr:#INSN00488
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Account Executive Customer Identity and Access Management Platform - Benelux

Selling Customer Identity and Access Management software platform to Bank and Insurance companies in the Benelux.
Gepubliceerd: 31-05-2018
Referentie nr:#INSN00487
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Sales Director Telco & Utility

Selling Industry Cloud solutions to Telco & Utility clients on behalf of a unicorn and fastest growing ISV on the platform.
Gepubliceerd: 04-05-2018
Referentie nr:#INSN00485
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Commercial Manager Agile Transformation - Netherlands

Responsible for sales & marketing, strategy and P&L at Agile Transformation authority.
Gepubliceerd: 10-04-2018
Referentie nr:#INSN00484
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