Named Account Manager Cybersecurity - the Netherlands

Selling Cybersecurity solutions into 2.500+ seats Named Accounts.
Gepubliceerd: 14-09-2022
Referentie nr:#INSN00562
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Account Manager nearshore IT services - The Netherlands

Selling nearshore IT services
Gepubliceerd: 15-08-2022
Referentie nr:#INSN00560
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Major Dealmaker / Client Solution Executive - Europe

As the lead sales person on strategic it services engagements, leading large multi-disciplined teams, responsible for the overall sales effort.
Gepubliceerd: 13-05-2022
Referentie nr:#INSN00557
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Account Manager Google Cloud - the Netherlands

Selling Google Cloud Transformation & Technology services to enterprises at the largets dedicated Google Cloud practice in Europe.
Gepubliceerd: 08-04-2022
Referentie nr:#INSN00556
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Account Executive Cloud Transformation & Technology - Netherlands

Selling Cloud Transformation & Technology services to top 200 enterprises at the Cloud authority in the Netherlands.
Gepubliceerd: 01-04-2022
Referentie nr:#INSN00555
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