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InSearch is a high-end executive search agency. Our head office is in Amstelveen, a town just south of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. InSearch was founded in 1998, and we are specialised in commercial IT positions, ranging from mid-career to senior management, in the Benelux. Our client base varies from disruptive start-ups and scale-ups to billion-dollar multinationals. Learn more
Why InSearch
InSearch understands the urgency of your search for the perfect candidate. Therefore, we will only accept your assignment if we are 100% sure that we can deliver what you need. We act swiftly but meticulously, and select the perfect man or woman in your market segment. The right candidate in the right position, so you can focus on reaching your targets and objectives. This is how we contribute to your organisation’s success!
Focus, focus, focus. We believe passionately in it! Our market experience in the Benelux is unique and highly specialised, because we focus solely on commercial key positions in IT.
At InSearch, the client is key. We deliberately choose a selective number of clients. Our exclusive client base can therefore rely on our 100% commitment, attention and energy.
When we search for people, we pay attention to quality, not quantity. We can find the needle in the haystack, the go-getter and top candidate that your organisation is looking for. InSearch keeps close tabs on the careers of the best senior managers and sales executives in the Benelux. We know them in person! This is in stark contrast to many other recruiters, where candidates are only known via a profile on LinkedIn or a name in a database.
We employ a very personal approach to our profession, and focus on performance and quality. The InSearch team is known for its passion. Passion that results in thorough knowledge of your organisation and the market in which you operate. After all, at InSearch we like knowledge: knowledge of your organisation, knowledge of the market, and knowledge of potential candidates. We take the time to get to know you and our years of experience and knowledge of the IT sector enable us to find excellent candidates for your position.
By enlisting the services of InSearch, you demonstrate your selective HR policy when it comes to giving substance to critical sales- and management positions. Moreover, InSearch serves as an effective PR resource and perfect business card, since we represent your organisation superbly to outsiders. In other words, you can rest assured that we will enhance your organisation’s image amongst potential employees.
At InSearch, we believe firmly in a long-lasting relationship with our clients. We aren't a supplier, but rather a partner who puts quality and performance first.
Erik Driehuis - CEO Stackstate

“By far the most important key to our success is the quality of our employees, so we take our hiring practices and selection process very seriously. InSearch brings us well-qualified candidates, and I can highly recommend them to anyone in the technology arena.”

Daniël Rood - Sales Director HANA Cloud - SAP

“The quality of the people in a team and their cultural fit with the organisation define the overall success. For my team, InSearch has proven to be very effective in its match-making abilities.”

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