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Erik Driehuis - CEO, Stackstate

"By far the most important key to our success is the quality of our employees, so we take our hiring practices and selection process very seriously. We know we can rely on InSearch as a trusted partner because they clearly had a great understanding of what our team was looking for as well as a thorough understanding of our marketplace. They bring us well-qualified candidates, and do so in a very efficient manner. We have been delighted with their results and I recommend them highly to anyone in the technology arena, and especially to fast growing companies with game-changing technologies."

Nick van Bommel - Regional General Manager Western Europe, FIS

"While working with an executive search agency I believe it is important that the agency is able to match the culture and spirit of the company with the candidate. This human aspect of the match between the role we at FIS are looking for and the candidate is something that Insearch takes very seriously. To be able to do this there is enough time spent in the process to understand our culture and where we are in our process of building out our sales organisation whilst doing the same at the side of the candidate. Over the last years working with Insearch this resulted each time in the right candidate for the role. This is a great achievement in the search and a proof of a good partnership with FIS."

Daan Teunissen - CEO, Xebia

"When we had a critical need to find a real leader and a Sales Director for one of our start-up initiatives, we engaged InSearch. In former searches, we had experienced the quality of their connections and their market insight. There was no need for us to look any further. InSearch understood the intersection of business growth, the individual leadership styles needed at that specific moment, and the culture and goals of our company. They assisted in framing the position requirements and delivered well-qualified candidates who satisfied our expectations within the agreed timeline. We found that InSearch won’t accept the assignment unless they’re confident they can produce outstanding results. Once they’ve accepted the search, you know they will find your candidate.”

Andreas Holmberg - Continental Europe Head of Digital Engagement Practice, Cognizant

“We had been searching for new business developers for our digital practice for quite some time without success as the role required quite a specific skillset. As soon as we involved inSearch it started leading to very good results. They immediately reached out to us personally to understand exactly what we were looking for, which type of team they would be part of and what the working environment looks like. Very efficiently inSearch was able to provide us with 5 excellent profiles which were all much better candidates than we had been able to find before out of which we shortlisted 3 and then finally proceeded to hire with the top candidate. inSearch was extremely proactive and kept us abreast with the progress every step of the way, making sure they understand our thinking, kept the candidates warm and up-to-date with what we were doing internally. Overall an extremely good, customized, highly efficient and positive experience for all involved parties. Next time we look for business developers I am sure we will reach out to inSearch directly rather than even consider any other option.”

Daniël Rood - Sales Director HANA Cloud, SAP

"Talent is most critical to any business. The quality of people in a team and their cultural fit with the organization define the overall success. For my team, Sandy has proven to be very effective in his match-making abilities. Candidates are screened, challenged and well briefed before I first meet them. InSearch quickly understands the subtle, but often key characteristics that can make all the difference. InSearch is a professional team which simply delivers on the highest standards."
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